Fire Alarm

Fire alarm systems are the collaboration efforts of several devices, each of which is designed to detect and alert the presence of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and other emergencies. These devices include: alarm notification system, fire alarm control panel, alarm origination detector, and a sprinkler structure.

All fire alarm systems, both basic and complex, should serve the following purposes: detect a fire or hazardous condition; alert occupants of the residential, commercial, or industrial building in which it is setup of the dangerous condition; signal the local fire department; and trigger safety control functionality.

There is significant pressure on fire alarm systems. Proper operation and functionality of a fire alarm system can be the determining factor between life, death, and destruction.

Rustic Fire Protection, Inc. understands the importance of optimal design, installation, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems. Rustic Fire Protection, Inc. is your trusted resource for reliable fire suppression implementation.


After thoroughly inspecting your home or building, Rustic Fire Protection, Inc. will design the most effective fire alarm system that complies with regulation and assures safety.

After the design has been completed and approved, the Rustic Fire Protection, Inc. crews will carefully and effectively install the fire alarm system.